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This Training Program is designed to the participants for the role of Tableau Desktop Developer. Covering Tableau Desktop Developer End to End, real-time, and Job-oriented aspects, this program instructs on Tableau Desktop/Server/Cloud . Upon completion, you’ll possess the necessary skills for Real-time development in Tableau Desktop/Server/Cloud, enhancing your ability to excel in interviews.

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Tableau Online Certificate Training

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Data Visualization is one of the key skills set that all modern IT professionals should possess. Tableau is the market leader in the Data Visualization space. Our program is designed to give a full working knowledge on Tableau Desktop/Server/Cloud through rigorous Hands-On exercises. Trainees will be Project-ready and Certification-ready at the end of the course.

Tableau certification training covers in-depth knowledge of Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Desktop, Charts, LOD expressions, Tableau Online, etc. This Tableau Course makes you proficient in the concepts of filters, parameters, maps, graphs, dashboards, and table calculation in Tableau. This Tableau training will help you master the Business Intelligence tool, Data Visualization, and reporting.

Throughout this online instructor-led training for Tableau, you will be working on real-life industry use cases. Clear your Tableau Desktop and Analyst certification exams with this Tableau course.

Oracle Basics

  • Basics of RDMBS
  • DDL, DML, DQL, and TCL Commands
  • Operators in Oracle (And, OR, Not, IN, LIKE, Between)
  • Null, Not Null
  • Order By in Oracle
  • Group By, Group Functions and Having Clause
  • Constraints (Not Null, Unique, Primary key, Foreign Key and Check)
  • Joins (Inner join, Left outer, right outer, Full outer joins, Self-join and Cross join)
  • Set Operators (Union, Union All, Intersect, Minus)
  • Rank and Dense Rank functions
  • Views and indexes

Introduction to Data Visualization

  • What is Data Visualization?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Uses of Tableau
  • Architecture of Tableau
  • Installation of Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Products
  • Comparison with Other Visualization Tools

Connecting to Data

  • Tableau Home Page
  • Data Source Page
  • Connecting to Text and Excel Files
  • Connecting to Databases
  • Connecting to Cloud Data sources (Snowflake)
  • Live and Extract Connections
  • Using and Refreshing Extracts
  • Clipboard Data

Tableau Environment

  • Tableau Window Partitions
  • Visual Cues in Tableau
  • Dimensions, Measures
  • Continuous and Discrete
  • Generated Fields
  • Workbooks and Sheets

Basic Visualizations

  • Line, Bar, Area Charts
  • Text Tables
  • High Light Tables
  • Totals and Sub Totals
  • Creating Charts Using "Show Me"
  • Highlight Tables
  • Flavored Bar Charts
  • Heat Maps & Tree Maps
  • Area Charts & Bubble Charts
  • Scatter Plots
  • Gantt Bars & Lollipop Charts

Building Data Views

  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Sets
  • Bins and Histogram

Building Interactive Views

  • Filters
  • Parameters
  • Calculated Fields
  • Table Calculations
  • Conditional Formatting


  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Number Functions
  • String Functions
  • Date Functions
  • LODs and their Types

Maps and Geo Coding

  • Mapping Basics
  • Symbol Maps
  • Filled Maps
  • Editing Locations
  • Map Options
  • Map Layers
  • WMS Servers

Advanced Analysis

  • Parameters
  • Clusters in Data
  • Reference Lines & Reference Bands
  • Distribution Bands
  • Forecast

Handling Multiple Data Sources

  • What is Data Blending?
  • Uses of Data Blending
  • Cross Data Base Joins
  • Report creation using Data Blending

Present Your Work

  • Actions and their types
  • Formatting
  • Annotations
  • Drop lines
  • Log Axes
  • Exporting Data

Performance Tuning

  • How to Optimize workbook performance
  • How to Publish Data Sources?
  • How to Publish Worksheets & Workbooks

Tableau Server

  • Introduction To Tableau Server
  • Tableau Server Architecture
  • Scheduling Refreshes/Emails
  • Alert Creation
  • Realtime Project with Explanation using Tableau Desktop
  • Interview Questions & Resume Building
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Course Instructed By:

Mr.Krishna K

15+ Years of experience in DWH/BI Projects having exposure to multiple technologies like Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle Database many many more. Approved trainer by Raj Cloud Technologies.

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Session Timing: 8:30AM to 10:30AM, IST

Frequently Asked Questions

Cracking a Tableau interview is Easy , As long as you learn and practice Tableau fundamentals and advanced concepts, you can easily find your way to implement this exceptional data visualisation tool in your projects.

By enrolling in an online program with the Raj Cloud Technologies for a few days and devoting one or two hours daily to it, you may learn Tableau. Learning Tableau is not a static endeavour, though. Over the course of months , you can continue to learn and improve.

Tableau does not require SQL knowledge to learn or use it, but SQL is required to land a job, as you will need data to produce a Tableau dashboard after landing the job.

Learning Tableau does not require prior programming or technical knowledge, making it accessible for individuals seeking to advance their career in data analysis.

What our students says

Meghana R
Meghana R
Read More
I just want to share my experience about Natraj sir training, it is one of the best training I had ever on informatica. I learned lots of real time concepts from Raj sir training and also they are very useful in my job. The training is based on Realtime scenarios so that you will get familiar with the concepts of informatica and Oracle and Unix. Thank you Raj sir for giving us such a nice training and so much of confidence...
Akash Dhus
Akash Dhus
Read More
It's a fantastic course for a beginner also. I could feel the effort that was put into to make sure people understood. Thank you Raj, when I become one the greatest, I will remember this beginning. A wonderful experience . The lecturers are great with a very nice way on interacting and lots of useful material. Thank you for all your cooperation. Hope to see more of you in future. Thank you once again.
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