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This training regimen is crafted to ready participants for the role of Snowflake Developer. Covering Snowflake End to End, real-time, and Job-oriented aspects, this program instructs on Snowflake, DBT, and ADF. Upon completion, you’ll possess the necessary skills for Real-time development in Snowflake, DBT, and ADF, enhancing your ability to excel in interviews.

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Snowflake+DBT+ADF Online Training

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Are you ready to unlock the door to lucrative Snowflake opportunities? Look no further! Our comprehensive online live training program is meticulously crafted to empower aspiring developers like you for Snowflake mastery.

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience where theory meets practice in engaging, hands-on sessions. Led by industry experts, our job-oriented curriculum is tailored to instill the skills and confidence you need to excel as a sought-after software developer in today’s competitive market.

By the end of this immersive journey, you’ll emerge fully equipped to seize a multitude of Snowflake opportunities with certainty, propelling your career to new heights. Don’t just dream about success—secure it with our Snowflake Development Training!

Oracle Basics

  • Basics of RDMBS
  • DDL, DML, DQL, and TCL Commands
  • Operators in Oracle (And, OR, Not, IN, LIKE, Between)
  • Null, Not Null
  • Order By in Oracle
  • Group By, Group Functions and Having Clause
  • Constraints (Not Null, Unique, Primary key, Foreign Key and Check)
  • Joins (Inner join, Left outer, right outer, Full outer joins, Self-join and Cross join)
  • Set Operators (Union, Union All, Intersect, Minus)
  • Rank and Dense Rank functions
  • Views and indexes

Snowflake – Architecture and Concepts

  • Snowflake – Architecture and Concepts
  • Key Concepts & Architecture
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Snowflake Editions
  • Overview of Key Features

Connecting to Snowflake & Roles/Users

  • Overview of the Ecosystem
  • Snowflake Partner Connect
  • SnowSQL (CLI Client) – Installation, Configuration and Usage
  • Lab – Snowsql Lab & Exercises
  • Creation of user Roles in Snowflake
  • Creation of Users in Snowflake
  • Explanation of Roles and User Management

Virtual Warehouses in Snowflake

  • Creation of Virtual Warehouses
  • Explanation of Virtual Warehouses Privileges
  • Resource Monitors Management and Alerts

Database Objects and Storage in Snowflake

  • Creation of Databases and Schema
  • Explanation of Databases and Schema Privileges
  • Creation Types of Tables
  • Explanation of Table Privileges
  • Explanation of Snowflake Cache Layer

Snowflake Time Travel and Fail Safe Time Travel

  • Time Travel considerations
  • Fail-Safe – Recovery
  • Lab – Time Travel and Fail-Safe Lab & Exercises

Zero Copy Cloning in Snowflake & Stages

  • Explanation of zero-copy cloning using different object
  • What can be cloned and what cannot
  • Explanation of Stages (Internal & External)

Loading into Snowflake (On-Premises to Cloud)

  • Overview of Data Loading/Unloading
  • Bulk Data Loading/Unloading from a Local File System
  • Loading data using the web interface (Limited)
  • Querying Data in Staged Files
  • Troubleshooting Bulk Data Loads
  • Lab – Data Loading / Unloading Lab & Exercises

Loading into Snowflake (Cloud to Cloud)

  • AWS Integration Process
  • AWS to Snowflake Data Loading

Continuous Data Loading into Snowflake

  • Continuous Data Loading using Snowpipe
  • Snowpipe Configuration

Loading Semi Structure Data into Snowflake

  • Loading Semi-Structure data from on-premises to cloud
  • JSON and XML

Advanced Topics

  • Streams and Tasks
  • Types of SCDs
  • Email Notification creation
  • Lab – Streams & Tasks Lab & Exercises

Sharing Data and Views in Snowflake

  • Introduction to Data Sharing
  • Data Providers
  • Data Consumers
  • Working with Shares
  • Using Secure Objects to Control Data Access
  • Configuring a Reader Account
  • Managing Reader Accounts
  • Lab – Data Sharing Exercises

UDF (User Defined Functions) and Procedures

  • Analytical Functions
  • User Defined Functions
  • Procedures
  • Performance Tuning
  • Query Tuning
  • Clustering
  • Micro Partitions
  • Materialized Views
  • Performance Considerations

Masking Policies – Column Level and Row Level

  • Column-level Masking Policies
  • Row-level Masking Policies

Working With Dates and Time Stamps

  • Dates and time Stamps
  • Date and Time Stamp conversions

DBT Topics

  • DBT Overview
  • Models
  • Materialization
  • Source and Seed
  • Snapshot
  • Macros
  • Exposures
  • Git integration

Pipelines from ADF to Snowflake

  • Creation of Azure Blob storage
  • ADF Pipeline configuration and setup
  • Data Load from Azure Blob to Snowflake using ADF

Realtime Project with Explanation using Snowflake, DBT & ADF

  • Unix Basic Commands
  • Interview Questions
  • Resume Building
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What you’ll learn by the end of this course?

Course Instructed By:

Ms.Sai Sri

10+ Years of rich IT Experience having exposure to multiple technologies like Snowflake, DBT, Azure Data Factory many many more. Approved trainer by Raj Cloud Technologies.

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Training Course Reviews

Meghana R
Meghana R
Read More
I just want to share my experience about Natraj sir training, it is one of the best training I had ever on informatica. I learned lots of real time concepts from Raj sir training and also they are very useful in my job. The training is based on Realtime scenarios so that you will get familiar with the concepts of informatica and Oracle and Unix. Thank you Raj sir for giving us such a nice training and so much of confidence...
Akash Dhus
Akash Dhus
Read More
It's a fantastic course for a beginner also. I could feel the effort that was put into to make sure people understood. Thank you Raj, when I become one the greatest, I will remember this beginning. A wonderful experience . The lecturers are great with a very nice way on interacting and lots of useful material. Thank you for all your cooperation. Hope to see more of you in future. Thank you once again.

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