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UPDATE: 24th Batch Starting, 31st May 2024

The key feature of this course is to talking about well maintained and structured software development and service companies, one name that stands out is Informatica. You’ll learn and understand about the basic concepts of data warehouse, how to use the Informatica PowerCenter ETL tool in real time project scenarios, understand real time client-server architecture, clear understanding of Informatica PowerCenter architecture and it’s components, understand Informatica ETL developer roles and responsibilities, Interview questions & answers and many other daily course materials.

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Informatica 10.2 Hands on Explanation and Practice

Practice and Realtime Explanation

  • Day to Day Explanation on Real-time Mappings/workflows
  • Flexible timing, we have two live sessions per day, you can choose any of the timings as per your preference.
  • Interactive 2-hour live sessions with doubt-solving sessions after session.
  • For each topic, mapping document (Business Requirement) will be created and Informatica mapping will create on live session based on the mapping document.
  • Interview questions on each topic will be covered on daily basis and provided to the candidate. CLICK HERE to check out our stack of interview questions.
  • 40+ real-time mappings will be covered with Explanation and implementation.
  • Oracle and UNIX Topics covered
  • Realtime Project Document Explanation
  • Resume building on Informatica
  • Informatica Cloud IICS-IDMC Basics
  • Interview questions and Tips

Upcoming Batch Schedule

Raj Cloud Technologies provides flexible timings to all our students. Here are the Informatica PowerCenter Training Class Schedules. If this schedule doesn’t match with your availability, please contact us for other options.

24th Batch Starting, 31st May 2024!

35 Days Course (2 hours) Online Live Session Course

Morning Batch (Live)

9:30AM to 11:30AM, IST

Fees: ₹15,000

Evening Batch (Live)

7:30PM to 9:30PM, IST

Fees: ₹15,000

Informatica Course Syllabus

Course Duration: 70 to 80 Hours (30 to 45 days)
Software Installation: Oracle Database 11g Express Edition, Informatica 10.2 Server and Client Components, SQL Server
Take Away: PDFs on a daily basis will Sample Data Model and sample case study
Class Delivery: Live Online Meeting (Interactive LIVE Web Based)

ETL & Informatica

  • DWH Concepts
  • ETL Overview
  • Informatica Overview
  • Components of Informatica

Repository Manager

  • What is Repository?
  • Configuring the Domains
  • Types of Repositories in Real Time
  • Creation of Folders

Informatica Designer

  • Overview and Usage
  • Tools available in Designer
  • Source Analyzer
  • Creating Sources
  • Generating/Executing SQL
  • Types of Sources
  • Warehouse Designer
  • Creating Targets
  • Types of Targets
  • Transformation Developer
  • Transformation Introduction
  • Creating Transformations
  • Functions/Constants/Dates/Variables
  • Mapping Designer
  • Creating Mappings
  • Mapplet Designer
  • Creating Mapplets

Transformations (Basics)

  • Source Qualifier
  • Expression
  • Filter
  • Router
  • Connected / Un connected and Dynamic Lookup
  • Lookup Caches
  • Rank
  • Sorter
  • Aggregator
  • Joiner
  • Sequence Generator
  • Union Transformation
  • Update Strategy

Transformations (Advanced)

  • Transaction Control
  • Normalizer
  • Reusable Transformations
  • Mapplets

Reusable Objects

  • Reusable Transformations
  • Mapplets
  • Worklets

Advanced Topics

  • SCD Type -1 Mapping using Statis Lookup
  • SCD Type -2 Mappingƒ
  • SCD TYPE -1 Using Dymanic Lookup
  • Fact loading
  • Mapping variables and Parameters.
  • Incremental Loading (Real time Explanation)
  • Versioning (Real time Explanation)
  • Different repositories used in real time. (Detailed explanation about DEV / QA /Prod Repositories)
  • Mini Project – End to End explanation and Practice with Several Sources From Source to Stage, Stage to Dimensions And Dimension to Fact Using Incremental Load , SCD Type-2 and Parameterization
  • Copying Objects
  • Importing and Exporting Objects
  • Performance Tuning
  • Bottlenecks
  • Parameter Files (Real time Explanation)
  • Dynamic Target File Generation

Workflow Manager

  • Manager Overview
  • Source and Target Connection
  • Flat File
  • ODBC
  • Tasks
  • Types of Tasks
  • Command Task
  • Event Wait
  • Event Raise
  • Timer
  • Assignment
  • Decision
  • Email
  • Control

Sessions and Workflows

  • Creating Sessions
  • Reusable Sessions
  • Creating Workflows

Workflow Monitor

  • Monitor Overview
  • Workflow Monitor Views
  • Running and Monitoring Workflows
  • Scheduling
  • Workflow and Session Logs

Course Instructor

Mr. Nataraj V (Raj)

Mr. Nataraj V (Raj)

I'm a Business Intelligence Consultant with 12+ years of extensive work experience on various client engagements. Delivered many large data warehousing projects and trained numerous professionals on business intelligence technologies.

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Informatica PowerCenter

35+ Live Sessions, 70+ Hours

Fees: 15,000 20,000

Morning Batch

Timing: 9:30AM to 11:30AM, IST

Evening Batch

Timing: 7:30PM to 9:30PM, IST

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Siddhant Kushwaha
Siddhant Kushwaha
Read More
I have got a job as a Technical lead. I am from Non-IT and I thought it would be difficult to get a job in core IT but your training has helped me tremendously to secure a awesome job with a handsome package. The way you give training is very simple and easy to Understand for anyone and that really makes a difference when you don't have any prior knowledge of how to work in a core IT industry. I really thank you for all your support. I tried with 3 years of Informatica experience but I was working in a different industry 3 years experience and 7 lakh package and I got a offer of 18L Your training helped me lot. I was confused at start regarding which course to do but taking up your training was the best decision I took in my life.
Nomula Laxmi
Nomula Laxmi
Read More
I really enjoyed this training.no one can teach like you raj sir.Your training session was excellent! Your energy and enthusiasm were infectious, and you kept us engaged throughout the entire session. Your way of teaching is excellent sir . Thank you for your dedication to making this training a success.
Sandhya M
Sandhya M
Read More
Actually iam a non-it background student I don't know it background and also iam very scared and I don't have that much confident on me ,and also lots of questions and doubts on my mind, can I survive the IT side or not?This course usefull or not ,I have doubt on my decision also but after listening firstday of Raj sir classess,My fear is gone, now I am very confident.this is the best course and best trainer ,mentor Raj sir.He is very talented and tremendous explanation and also he have lots of patience. These kind of explaining,I never saw,A good person with such an amazingexplanation.Such a best mentor cannot be seen even in future.
Kursenga Krishna
Kursenga Krishna
Read More
...I am non IT background student, Firstly I wants to thanks the Suman TV. If they don't take interview I could not find you. When listen your words in that interview you boosted my confidence levels. Before joining Raj Informatica training I don't know what Informatica and PC is.. I have zero knowledge on it. But now I learnt lots of knowledge from you. And coming to the training the way of your explanation is excellent. In one of the session you said *I will not leave you until you understand* this word always rotate in my mind. I am grateful to you🙏 I never forget you in my life, bcz your such a excellent trainer... Thank you so much sir🙏🙏🙏
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