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What is ETL?

ETL stands for Extract Transform Load

If you are working with data warehousing you must have heard the word “ETL” or “Extract Transform Load” It is a 3-step data integration process which is used by organizations to combine and synthesize raw data from multiple sources into a data warehouse, data lake, data store, relational database or any other application.


Extraction is the first phase of “extract, transform, load.” Data is collected from one or more data sources. It is then held in temporary storage, where the next two steps are executed. During extraction, validation rules are applied. This tests whether data meets the requirements of its destination. Data that fails validation is rejected and doesn’t continue to the next step.


In the transformation phase, data is processed to make its values and structure conform consistently with its intended use case. The goal of transformation is to make all data fit within a uniform schema before it moves on to the last step.

Typical transformations include aggregators, data masking, expression, joiner, filter, lookup, rank, router, union, XML, Normalizer, H2R, R2H and web service. This helps to normalize, standardize and filter data. It also makes the data fit for consumption for analytics, business functions and other downstream activities.


Finally, the load phase moves the transformed data into a permanent target system. This could be a target database, data warehouse, data store, data hub or data lake — on-premises or in the cloud. Once all the data has been loaded, the process is complete.

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